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Milford, Texas

Welcome to Milford, Texas
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Where is Milford, Texas?

Milford, Texas is located at Latitude 32.122229 and Longitude -96.949401. Milford is in the Central (GMT -06:00) time zone. Telephone area codes in Milford include 972/469. This hometown does use daylight savings time.

Milford, Texas is situated in Ellis County. Ellis County has an average elevation of 530 feet.

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How did Milford, Texas get its name?

William R.Hudson the towns founder had read about a booming factory town near Boston Massachusettes so he named it after that town - jen m

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Milford, Texas History, Genealogy and Trivia

The sign out side Milford use to read: "A town of 600 friendly people and 2or 3 old grouches. Though many may lay claim, my grandfather Clarence Wheatley was supposedly one of those grouches. He lived in Milford, or Ellis, all his life. He was born in 1893. His wife, my grandmother, Lota Pearl Wheatley, helped run the posti office--I think during the 50's. The children are Clarence(C.W.), O.E., Bill, Milton Mac, Bob, Maudie Bell, Don and Weldon. Mama and Papa had 20 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren before Mama died. - Sr. S. Bolfing
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Milford, Texas Zip Codes

Milford, Texas 76670
Postal Station Type: Non Postal Community Name
Latitude: 32.16321   Longitude: -96.939835
Zip Code Classification: Non-Unique
Zip Code Crosses County Lines: Yes

Milford, Texas 76670
Postal Station Type: Post Office
Latitude: 32.16321   Longitude: -96.939835
Zip Code Classification: Non-Unique
Zip Code Crosses County Lines: Yes