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Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler, Texas

Welcome to Ben Wheeler, Texas

Where is Ben Wheeler, Texas?

Ben Wheeler, Texas is located at Latitude 32.41452 and Longitude -95.64912. Ben Wheeler is in the Central (GMT -06:00) time zone. Telephone area codes in Ben Wheeler include 903/972. This hometown does use daylight savings time.

Ben Wheeler, Texas is situated in Van Zandt County. Van Zandt County has an average elevation of 508 feet.

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How did Ben Wheeler, Texas get its name?

Ben Wheeler was an outlaw. Nobody knows his real last name. The Wheeler name came from the last woman he "legally" married. When the law finally caught up with him, they hung him on the spot. They left him hanging in only his underwear. A sign was posted with his list of crimes, his name and the word Texas. His hanging body became a landmark for travelers. When people settled nearby, directions to their spreads included, find Ben Wheeler in Texas. - P. Wheeler

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Ben Wheeler, Texas Zip Codes

Ben Wheeler, Texas 75754
Postal Station Type: Non Postal Community Name
Latitude: 32.424788   Longitude: -95.651358
Zip Code Classification: Non-Unique

Ben Wheeler, Texas 75754
Postal Station Type: Post Office
Latitude: 32.424788   Longitude: -95.651358
Zip Code Classification: Non-Unique